Case Study 
As a client I have been asked by the Older Citizens Advocacy York agency to add my views and comments regarding their services. 
As an extremely satisfied customer I would like to add the following:- 
Having a stoke on 2009 changed my life. In a few short months I discovered things that I used to do for myself and took for granted now became a challenge. Counting, word finding, writing and most devastating of all was my loss of the ability to read and understand written text without becoming muddled. 
Unable to work I became dependent on complicated form filling and the need to rapidly rearrange and adjust things to make my new lifestyle easier to access while struggling to retain my independence in making choices how to go forward. 
Older Citizens Advocacy York was highly recommended by a friend who had referred clients there with brilliant results and given my circumstances of wanting to be involved rather than having things done for me, ticked all the boxes. 
To date, I have enlisted OCAY services on at least four occasions and met with their Advocates, all of whom have been volunteers and frequently professional business people themselves, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to situations that appeared overwhelming on my own. 
Their touch is highly professional, never invasive, I am involved as a client in everything that is discussed, decided and acted upon in a manner chosen by me. All letters have the OCAY letter head logo which fills me with pride that my words will be valued by the person receiving it and beautifully written condensing what would have taken me pages to write. 
My most recent advocate helped me to resolve a particularly difficult situation by being sensitive to the circumstances and helping me to pose questions in a manner that would ultimately bring a positive result to both parties without escalating the circumstances. 
I am ever grateful for what they have all done and achieved with me on-board and despite my frailties they have helped me maintain independence when I have most needed it. 
Case study 
I have been helped by the OCAY team on 3 occasions, all of them were to do with NPower, the electricity people. 
On both of the first 2 occassions I neded help I went back many times and the staff who helped me were very polite and helpful. They made many phone calls on my behalf and the second time an Advocate came to my home. This, as I am now 70 yrs old, was very helpful. 
Both problems took a lot longer that I thought was necessary to solve, all because NPower couldn't get my address right and because they would not send me a bill. 
During all this time the team at OCAY were polite and as helpful as they could be, and I know that I would not hesitate to go there again if necessary. 
Case Study 
The Client approached OCAY for support to fill in power of attorney forms. The advocate prepared for the meeting with the client by undertaking research into the power of attorney forms. At the meeting with the client at the OCAY offices, the advocate provided information and explained the process of filling in the forms. The client felt empowered and was now confident enough to fill in the forms for himself and his wife. The client was appreciative of our support and gave very positive feedback. 
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